Quick Overview of the inside Area

Pehoni House was designed by Andrew Melesi with an eclectic mix of architectural references. The large ground floor dining room seats up to 18 and the first floor sitting room is perfect for entertaining or relaxing, it enjoys some of best views on the Kenya Coast. There is a sunset viewing terrace on the roof with two Swahili sunloungers. The house is furnished comfortably and simply in an uncluttered style with beautiful Swahili, East African and Indian antique furniture.

Behewa House is designed in a Swahili style and designed around a central courtyard. The downstairs is furnished for living and dining with a young palm and fern garden in the courtyard "the behewa". The house has an airy and cool atmosphere as part of the courtyard is open to the sky. Simply decorated in white paint with some Mirella Ricciardi Lithographs and Indian embroideries hung on the walls. The furniture is mostly Swahili and Indian. The living area has two sofas and a convivial arrangement of Indian chairs. The dining table comfortably seats 8 with a max. of 10 people.

The Mdoroni property has 8 bedrooms, the two houses are typically treated as one home.

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